Pioneers wanted!

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Pioneers wanted!

The digital revolution is in full swing. In recent years, federal, state and public administrations have played a leading role in paving the way for digitalization. Whether open data, e-government, digital invoice or e-file, no one working in public administration can ignore its persistent penetration.

Our many years of experience in this industry has shown us what is important for new companies. Therefore, whether still in the development phase or already established, GovTech supports selected start-ups with ideas and know-how by providing constructive coaching and innovative solutions for this incredible market.

With start-ups, most venture capitalists and business angels tend to get involved during the last stage of technical development and early market entry. The reason for this is that with each software introduction sales cycles are still measured in years. Thus, long-term planning and standard solutions are the rule. However, due to the introduction of smart software and standardized cloud solutions, today’s trends are completely different within public sectors. Now the only prerequisite is that they meet the high standards and requirements for data protection and security.

And that’s where we come in. The GovTech division provides a unique opportunity to develop innovative and exciting answers to problems for this compelling market. With our experience, we want to introduce solutions which can offer the state and its institutions economical services that allow easier public access. If you are interested in working with us on this engaging endeavor, contact us at