GovTech Ventures invests in roadIA

11 Aug 2021

The venture division of the GovTech Group invests in roadIA, one of Germany's first start-ups in the field of "smart city". Founded in Berlin, the company combines optical methods with artificial intelligence to create multifunctional data sensors to support public administrations in developing the smart city of tomorrow.


GovTech Services is launched

20 Dec 2019

Due to the orderly contractual expiration of an agreement with d-NRW AöR, the former d-NRW Betriebs-GmbH & Co. KG renamed as GovTech Services by end of 2019, beginning of 2020 respectively. Thus, the GovTech group is responding to various needs for support and services in the field of digitalisation public authorities‘ processes and the foreseeable upheavals concerning the technical and operational landscape all over Germany – a trend that is already perceptible and will still grow within the next years


Public sector e-billing standard poses new challenges for SME

20 Aug 2019

In the future invoices must be transmitted electronically, i.e. in machine-readable manner, as XML files to contracting authorities. The federal state and local governments will be obliged to accept these invoice formats. The new standard "XRechnung" developed for this purpose poses new challenges for small and medium-sized companies ("SME") as well as for a large number of public authorities. A new and free service of cosinex - - is intended to help both contractors and clients.


OSiP awarded at this year's eGovernment competition in Berlin

09 Jul 2018

After being awarded the Sharing & Reuse Award by the EU Commission last year, the OSiP (Online Security Review) project, developed with the participation of cosinex, has again been awarded a prestigious prize at federal level in the "Best Cooperation Project 2018" category.


cosinex Academy goes live

17 May 2018

Almost 20 years of experience in procurement law and public procurement, several thousand agencies that announce tenders and procure goods and services, which now work with cosinex solutions, numerous consulting projects in the field of public procurement.


GovTech: cosinex Group repositions itself for further growth

05 Jan 2017

cosinex GmbH is well known as one of the leading providers of software solutions in the field of public electronic procurement. In addition, cosinex and its subsidiaries have been able to successfully implement a large number of sophisticated eGovernment projects in recent years and to evolve into a dynamic group of companies in the area of digitisation of administration and eGovernment.


cosinex Joins the Alliance for Cyber Security

15 Mar 2017

The Alliance for Cyber Security is an initiative of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). It was founded in cooperation with the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications, and New Media (BITKOM).


MACH and cosinex Agree on a Co-Operation

06 Jul 2016

MACH and cosinex combine their expertise to support the public sector in e-procurement. Through the collaboration of one of the largest providers of ERP solutions for the public sector in Germany and one of the technical leaders in the market for e-procurement, there should be solutions to fit all customers.


Cologne Connects to Registration System

01 May 2015

A few days ago, Cologne was connected to the d-NRW company’s reporting registry. Now reports from the so-called “power-users”can be collected electronically, gathering data about the citizens of Cologne. With this connection, 75% of the residents in North Rhine-Westphalia can be polled.


30,000 Companies Use the Brandenburg State Administration Portal

12 Nov 2014

Potsdam has been using the Brandenburg State Administration Portal since the company began six years ago. Today, more than 30,000 companies have been using the paperless portal to place their public bids reaching 500 country and municipalities, noted the Ministry of the Interior and Economy in Potsdam.


Collaboration of procurement experts: Deutsches Vergabeportal

11. Jun 2013

Bundesanzeiger Verlag and cosinex form joint venture The Bundesanzeiger Verlag, known and established for its activities in the publishing of procurement law amongst others, and cosinex, a pioneer in e-procurement software, have set up a joint venture: the Deutsche Vergabeportal. The goal is to create a central point of contact for transparent public procurement in Germany.


cosinex among the Fast 500

01. Dec 2011

After the successful participation in the national Fast 50 Awards in Germany cosinex now also belongs to the Fast 500 in the Europe, Middle East, Africa region (also called EMEA).