deGov-New Open Sourced-Based E-Government Framework for Portals and Internet Presentations for the Public Sector


24 November 2016

In the past week, publicplan GmbH and partners presented the first Drupal 8-based content management system for public administration on “User Day” in Düsseldorf.

Under the coordination of publicplan GmbH and in close cooperation with many other partners such as 1xINTERNET GmbH and Reinblau e.G., a Web and open source-based software solution for public administration distribution was presented. It is a Content Management System (CMS) and can be implemented free of charge.

DeGov gives credibility to Drupal 8 as one of the world’s most popular Web content management frameworks-authorities and public institutions in Australia, the USA, Belgium and England are putting their website and portals on Drupal. One of the most popular media examples is the White House website at

DeGov is currently optimized for the following applications:

  • Internet sites for federal, state and municipal administrations as well as other public institutions
  • E-Government portals with service orientation
  • Participation portals for political communication
  • Open management concern and crowd mapping
  • Data portals for cataloging, publishing and visualizing open data
  • Intranet / Extranet for authorities

“With the release of deGov as an open source, we are following the global trend towards open source code in management software. In many countries such as the USA, there is solicitation for taxpayer’s money to be used to allow release of developed software free of charge. According to Dr. Christian Knebel, CEO of publicplan GmbH, this will soon become mandatory in Belgium and Bulgaria.”