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cosinex will be SAP Application Development Partner


With regard to the area of e-allocation and e-procurement, easy integration into an existing system is important for many of our customers, especially regarding technical infrastructures and, ERP systems such as SAP.

cosinex has been dealing successfully with this challenge for years with consistent modularization of solutions in the area of e-allocation and flexible configuration options, as well as comfortable interfaces to integration possibilities in third-party systems. Interfacing examples include official publishing platforms such as TED or bund.de, document management storage and ERP systems.

“So far, the interface has been incorporated into our product standards. Depending on the module, it can be individually activated and partly configured for each authorization,” says Carsten Eischenröder, Head of Product Management and Software Development at cosinex. “We intend to maintain and expand this approach, particularly with regard to ERP systems.” Therefore, cosinex has entered into a partnership with SAP. SAP application development is a transferable interface software solution with cosinex for e-procurement, and various solutions and modules from SAP AG, particularly with usage for the public sector.