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OSiP awarded at this year's eGovernment competition in Berlin


After being awarded the Sharing & Reuse Award by the EU Commission last year, the OSiP (Online Security Review) project, developed with the participation of cosinex, has again been awarded a prestigious prize at federal level in the "Best Cooperation Project 2018" category.

The jury, made up of administration, IT, e-government and science experts, thus also took account of the increasing importance and scope of IT-supported security auditing in Germany, which is now being successfully used or introduced by the federal government in Baden-Württemberg, Hamburg, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia and Thuringia.

The online security check established a procedure that makes it possible to integrate the various parties involved in personal security and reliability checks, particularly with regard to so-called "findings" (on aspects that speak against reliability), into processes without media discontinuity. Such checks are carried out largely analogously to the Security Verification Act (SÜG) or in accordance with the relevant technical laws, such as the Aviation Security Act (LuftSiG), so that individual previously checked persons can gain access to security-critical areas (such as an airfield or nuclear facilities), or before naturalisation.

Since 2014 cosinex has been a partner in a development network for the new development of IT-supported security screening as part of the OSiP project, in order to efficiently map the highly sensitive communication and information exchange between applicants, responsible authorities and intelligence agencies (i.e. police, state criminal investigation offices, but also secret and intelligence services).

The improved communication and cooperation, on which the now-awarded award is aimed, manifests itself in the examination of the "reliability" of persons, especially in the following areas and dimensions:

  • The cooperation of the affected companies (in the fields of aviation, logistics, security services, etc.) with the administration to check new employees without media discontinuity is accelerated.
  • Participating administrations (licensing authorities, police, constitutional protection, etc.) can exchange information and knowledge more efficiently and securely.
  • The solution is designed to be extended with relatively little effort to other areas of application for reliability checks (depending on the security situation and requirements).
  • The transnational approach saves costs, ensures flexibility, achieves synergy effects and avoids duplicate developments.

Application areas for OSiP

Originally due to the September 11 attacks, aviation security was the first area of application for the solution, with a large number of persons to be checked. In view of changing threats and new laws and regulations, many more have been added in recent years. OSiP currently supports the personal safety and reliability tests for the following application areas:

  • aviation security
  • port security
  • naturalisation
  • nuclear law
  • Military Counterintelligence Service (MAD)
  • residence (permit)
  • weapon safety
  • occasion-related verification (e.g. accreditations)
  • industrial law (guards, protection of prostitutes)
  • penal system (via the product BasisWeb)

OSiP consists of several independent components, which are connected via an interface. The component developed by cosinex represents the core of the application as a so-called "data hub".