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E-Award Goes to New Partner for German Cloud Operation


In the past months, the operating concept “Software as a Service”(SaaS) has been customized in the area of public e-procurement by cosinex. As one of the pioneers of e-allocation and a main supplier in the area of public e-procurement, different software models as well as a licensed version for private or public business and cloud service is available. Instead of acquiring a software model from your business’s IT branch or running it through an IT service provider, this web-based solution can be accessed as an SaaS solution without installation and expense. In addition, it includes the German Allocation Portal (DTVP), in particular the allocation management system with a cloud edition. Small to middle-sized allocation placement as well as entry level appropriation files are best suited for the SaaS solution.

Comprehensive measures on the topics of data protection and data security are being taken. After critical review, the applications are showing great results.

Due to the increased usage and demand for cosinex public e-procurement and cloud services over the last year, an extension of the operating environment was necessary. This opportunity was used to extend the requirements for hosting and operating partners. After a nearly six-year selection process, the new partner was chosen. Since last year, Claranet GmbH has been operating the SaaS bids in the field of e-procurement.

“With the selection for secure bid solutions, it doesn’t always come down to price,” explained Carsten Eschenröder, Head of Product Management & Development. “In our evaluation matrix, the points that were considered most important in choosing the right solution were data security and availability. In compliance with BDSG, elimination criteria for data processing orders for client data were external certification in the areas of data security and protection as well as operations with servers exclusively in Germany.”

In addition to the IT security measures being further improved, the operating environment has been significantly expanded, resulting in even higher system performance.

About Claranet

With integrated hosting and network services, Claranet provides support for companies that focus on their core business rather than the operation of their IT infrastructure. With 32 data centers in Europe, Gartner has positioned Claranet in the “Magic Quadrant 2014” as a leader in European cloud-managed hosting. In the areas of Big Data, Portals and eCommerce, they represent clients such as Leica, Aktion Mensch, N24, Flaconi and Outletcity Metzingen.