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Software project of cosinex and publicplan receives EU Commission award


Against the background of the September 11 attacks in 2001 the Aviation Security Act was enacted. Therefore specific groups of persons need to be security checked before getting access to sensible areas such as airports. This serves as protection of the civil aviation transportation safety against attacks.

The safety and reliability check which is executed widely similar to the Security Screening Act (the German “Sicherheitsüberprüfungsgesetz” (SÜG)) has been extended gradually in the years that followed. Thus the areas of nuclear plants, port security, naturalization and residence as well as possession of firearms have been affected. In the light of recent incidents the application in further areas is planned.

Cosinex and publicplan are united in a development alliance by d-NRW since 2014. This alliance is working on a new OSiP development to improve the efficiency of the highly sensitive communication between applicant, competent authority and security authorities (therefore police, the state offices of criminal investigation, constitution protection authorities and others) especially with due care for the high (IT) security level. This new development is already in use at some areas of application since autumn 2016.

From the very start the quite complex requirements analysis for this solution was designed to be applied to further states and to other areas of responsibility as well. Four states of Germany have joined this development alliance yet: Baden-Wurttemberg, Hesse, Hamburg and North Rhine-Westfalia.

OSiP as IT Planning Council application

The IT Planning Council serves, for example, as a political steering body who coordinates the cooperation between the federal and state governments on issues of information technology on the basis of Article 91c GG. OSiP became a so called coordination project of the IT planning council already in 2015.

Two weeks ago a meeting of the IT Planning Council at the CeBIT had taken place and as a result OSiP has finally been acknowledged as a coordination project which made the successful step to be an approved live operation application. All in all OSiP is next to “Governikus”, “D-115” or “Deutsche Verwaltungsdienste-Verzeichnis (DVDV)” one in nine applications which have been developed as projects of the IT Planning Council and moreover in common permanent operation and continuous development.

European Commission's Sharing & Reuse Award

The Sharing and Reuse Conference hosted by European Commission's Directorate-General for Informatics ISA² Programme with the support of the Portuguese Administrative Modernization Agency (AMA) has taken place in Lisbon on 29th March 2017. Modernising public administration through sharing and reuse of IT solutions was one of the main emphases of the annual event and competition.

As highlight of the conference the winners of the Sharing & Reuse Awards had been announced. They were chosen from over 100 Europe-wide IT projects submitted in the category public administration.

In the course of this event prices were awarded to projects which promoted IT solutions for further use and reuse, as well as for projects which helped to provide, develop and exchange better, economic and faster services. OSiP achieved the third place at the category “National”.