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GovTech Ventures invests in roadIA


The venture division of the GovTech Group invests in roadIA, one of Germany's first start-ups in the field of "smart city". Founded in Berlin, the company combines optical methods with artificial intelligence to create multifunctional data sensors to support public administrations in developing the smart city of tomorrow.

Networked vehicles, intelligent traffic lights and traffic that steers itself: this and much more is associated with the topic of "mobility" in the "smart city". To make this vision a reality, public administrations need large amounts of data. The main challenges here are the collection, provision and processing of such data in real time, e.g. of the traffic flow.

roadIA has set itself the goal of solving these challenges by combining optical methods and artificial intelligence and supporting public administrations in this way. Only a few months after the launch, first solutions are already being used on the streets of Germany.

Tender won in the field of traffic counting

"It was important for us to prove our new approaches in practice as quickly as possible," said Markus Hantschmann, one of the three founders of roadIA. "We therefore started with the task of a fully digital traffic count."

In the coming months, the sensors will gradually become smarter and can also be supplemented with additional functions such as speed measurement.

"Only a short time after the GovTech Group became involved, we were able to win an EU-wide tender from the state of Schleswig-Holstein in the field of traffic counting together with cosinex, the leading company in the GovTech Group," said Mykhaylo Filipenko, founder and managing director of roadIA GmbH.

About the GovTech Group / GovTech Ventures

GovTech Ventures is a division of the GovTech Group. With this division, the group supports founders and start-ups not only with capital, but also as an "accelerator" with project- and administration-specific know-how in central fields of e-government. Furthermore, the reputation of the group's companies, that has grown from projects and contract relationships of various kinds with numerous public administrations in Germany, is brought into the partnership, which is essential for access to public contracts.

The companies in the group have been supporting public administrations in Germany with their software solutions for over 20 years in the development of their digital services for citizens and companies.

About roadIA

RoadIA makes road traffic safer through innovative solutions by combining hardware and hereby especially optical sensors and artificial intelligence into completely new solutions. With the help of AI-based traffic data collection, that has already been carried out at over 100 different intersections, the now Potsdam-based start-up is taking an important step towards autonomous traffic management.