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The German Procurement Portal Opens in Berlin


With the new location on Berliner Friedrichstrasse, The German Public Procurement Portal (DTVP) begins a Germany-wide roadshow from Berlin on September 2.

True innovation in E-Procurement

With the new legal requirements, and in particular with the EU directives, the electronic implementation of procurement procedures are very clear. Deadlines with harsh legal implementation require that within 22 months tender documents must be submitted EU-wide. The grant can also be provided electronically and announcements can be made only to the Publications Office of the EU.

"It’s the right time for true innovations in the field of e-awarding," says Carsten Klipstein, Managing Director of DTVP. "Up to now, the market for E-allocation solutions has been all over the place, including lack of transparency with regard to business models, hidden costs for bidders and the range of functions. To this end, DTVP is to provide solutions." Transparent pricing models, free participation in e-awards for bidders and a modern cloud service for the contracting authorities are being offered. In addition, the new portal is a joint venture of the Bundesanzeiger Verlag and cosinex.

We have comprehensively evaluated e-allocation in Germany and are planning for a long-term commitment, explains Uwe Mähren, who is the CEO of DTVP and head of the company. He added, “Long-term commitment and client relationships are more important to us than quick wins. Perhaps our approach is the reason for success beyond our expectations.